DIY Natural Aztec Healing Clay Hair Mask

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am back from camp and I had an AMAZING time!! I am still recovering from my 5 days in the woods! Lol I will be sharing all the pictures and details soon. I have a few photos and videos I took on my phone but I want to wait for the professional pics/videos from our camp photographer so you guys can see the full experience.

While I was at camp I was so excited to meet a hand full of naturalistas! There were so many black curly hair women rocking their afros, I felt proud and inspired.



One of the amazing workshop speakers Monique shared a little bit of her natural hair journey with me. She let me know she’s been natural for 8 years. Her curls were absolutely beautiful! Of course I had to ask what products do she use and how does she keep up her curls. I was so intrigued with how nice her curls stayed throughout camp!  LOL I know she got tired of all my questions.

Anywho, Monique lives in Florida so her hair is used to moisture and humidity. She told me the Deva cut she received a few years ago changed her life. The stylist who cut her hair also taught her different ways to help improve her curls. For instance, our hair holds products and moisture better if we put the products on while the hair is soaking wet and it’s best to section the hair into 4 parts. She also told me that her go-to products are called Uncle Funky’s Daughter.

After coming home from camp, I took down my braids so I could wash my hair and give my curls a break. I’ve been wearing alot of protective styles and it’s time I let my hair loose. Honestly, seeing the group of beautiful black successful confident women sport their curly hair made me want to do the same. #RepresentationMatters

My natural hair journey has been a process of personal growth, patience, and self embrace. Changing my outlook and perspective on so many things around me not just my hair. Learning how to unsubscribe from society’s views of beauty. Learning how to be comfortable in my own skin and love my hair texture without adding anything extra. Realizing that I can be professional AND wear my natural hair.

Watching natural hair blog videos on Youtube has been incredibly helpful in my natural hair journey as well. I read a while ago that Aztec healing clay is not only a great skin mask but it is also a great hair mask! So I’ve decided to test it out for the first time.

DIY Natural Hair Mask for Healthy Scalp and Hair!


Here are some things that will be needed for this hair mask:


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, plastic hair caps, hair clips, and a detangler brush


After mixing the Apple Cider Vinegar and the bentonite clay together, get a wide tooth comb, a spray bottle and a few hair clips.


Before applying the clay mask you want to wash you hair. Because I washed my hair a few days ago, I used Shea Moisture’s High Porosity Moisture Correct co-wash


After rinsing the co wash out, I parted my hair into 4 sections…


Next, I applied the mask generously throughout each section. Apply the mask to wet hair so use the spray bottle if needed.  (This part cant get a tad messy)


Once my hair was completely covered with the clay mask, I put on the plastic hair cap and used the left over mask on my face.


After I let the mask sit for 20-30 mins (or your personal preference), I took a shower and fully washed the healing clay mask from my hair and face.


After washing mask out of hair I use Uncle Funky’s Daughter leave in conditioner and other curl products on my hair. Again you want to apply products to wet hair so use the spray bottle if needed.

Lastly, I blow dried my hair on cool temp to style my hair after applying the UFD products. I am in desperate need of a Deva Cut but until I find the right stylist I am loving with how my curls have turned out!

I’m proud to say that next month makes it 1 year I’ve been 100% natural!!

If you guys have any tips, suggestions or questions feel free to comment below! Also let me know if you have tired the Bentonite Clay Mask on your hair before. If so, how did you like it??

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!


9 thoughts on “DIY Natural Aztec Healing Clay Hair Mask

  1. I liked this week post, it put a smile on my face. I felt your excitement throughout the whole post. It made me want to try this and I don’t even have hair. I can tell you really took in a lot from your camping trip while also learning new techniques for your hair. I’m big on self care so this was enjoyable to see that you’re into self care; while also learning to love your natural state.

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  2. I have done this mask before on my hair. I am overdue! I was surprised that it does not strip my hair at all. It really defines your curls and dare I say it, it leaves my hair feeling very moisturized.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I enjoy this post and these products. The bentonite clay and Apple cider vinegar is amazing for your hair and skin. Your curls are beautiful and so are you. keep up the good work naturalista! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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