Featuring Layla the Lawyer

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’ve been having a tornado of a week but I’m so thankful that my readers are keeping me busy and focused. LOL Thanks to you guys I couldn’t give up writing if I wanted to. I’m thankful that losing my job (see last week’s post Enjoy It All ) and trying to re-adjust my life hasn’t stopped or slowed down any of my creative projects. There’s a blessing in the storm! As I have stated in the past, writing is therapeutic for me so blogging is my much needed release of everything going on around me.

Now let’s get into this Artist Highlight, a friend of mine name Brittany Whittington has created a children’s story book character! Brittany is a lawyer so when I found out she was creating a children’s character, I immediately needed to know more. I’m always more interested in a person’s passion project(s) than I am their day job. Not that we can’t be passionate about our day jobs, but you find out more about a persons character when you learn what they do with their free time. It takes alot of heart, time, energy, passion, and most times money to create something of your own. I am both intrigued and inspired by creative entrepreneurs from all different industries. The spirit and the drive it takes to make something of your own is truly amazing and deserves to be celebrated.

So without further ado… allow me to introduce Layla the Lawyer

Layla is a second grader at Justice Academy who already has the skills to be a lawyer when she grows up. She is a smart and analytical girl who helps her friends solve playground disputes. Her ability to analyze a group of facts and reach a reasonable conclusion is shown throughout these books. After Layla helps the kids solve the dispute, realizing that someone made a bad choice, the kids work together to determine an age appropriate consequence. This book series will inspire kids to use deductive reasoning and think through problems, assist them in working through their problems early on in life and allow children to understand that there are consequences to their actions. Additionally, this book should inspire more kids to become lawyers.




Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 11.51.50 AM.png“With the idea to inspire African American girls to understand their self worth and importance in our society I created a children’s character depicted in the children’s book series Layla the Lawyer. I’m soooooooo excited to share this news with you. Layla the Lawyer will encourage young girls to be BOLD, BRAVE & CONFIDENT. This God idea additionally encourages young girls to become lawyers. I believe that women bring a unique perspective to the legal community and our voices need to be heard. Additionally, as I searched to find a book to explain to a child what lawyers do, I could not find anything out there. So, I knew this was necessary. I have always had the ability to dream big, plan bigger and then bring my ideas to fruition time and time again. But this time I want to encourage children to have that same fire and drive to achieve. I want them to know that nothing they dream is Out Of Reach if you work hard and believe in yourself.”
– Brittany Whittington, Attorney + Author & Creator of Layla the Lawyer

I’ve looked up to Brittany every since the first day I met her. She is best friends with my god sister Hydi. Brittany and Hydi are both educated, successful, and beautiful black women of God. These two women have always been positive examples for me in both my educational and life journey. At graduations, going away parties, holidays, birthday celebrations or just hanging out with my big sister, I have been able to witness and adore Brittany and Hydi’s strong positive friendship. I am always excited to celebrate their life events and achievements.

Brittany is the perfect person to write a children’s book inspiring young girls the same way she’s inspired me. Just being around her makes being a mom, wife, lawyer, and now a children’s book author seem possible for young black girls everywhere not just the Bay Area. I don’t know many women like Brittany. I worked in a San Francisco Law Firm for a year and never met one black attorney. I was the only black woman at the San Francisco branch and I worked in Marketing.

Molly on Insecure, Joan on Girlfriends, and Claire on the Cosby show are the only TV show examples of black female lawyers I can think of. This kind of representation is needed for the next generation to know not only is it possible here’s a real life example of someone just like you who’s doing it.

I’d also like to point out that Brittany and Layla are both rocking their natural hair! tumblr_oderhbbdDG1spjzfzo1_1280.gif

Black Girl Magic AF 

Natural hair is PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!! Let’s normalize that as well!!!!!

We are here. We are breaking barriers. We are moving the culture. We are being heard. We are getting those degrees. We are working in our careers. We are living out our purpose. We are raising the kids. We are inspiring the kids. We are in healthy marriages. We are proving statistics wrong! Not only is this needed, we need MORE of it!


Find out more info about Layla the Lawyer via her website https://layla-the-lawyer.com

Facebook: Layla the Lawyer

Instagram: @laylathelawyer

Support Black Owned Businesses. Support Black Women. Support Black Art.

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!



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