Keep It Pushing

Hey everyone,

I’m still keeping hope alive. I didn’t get the jobs I interviewed for. I’m not going to lie rejection sucks and it’s the hardest part of this journey. Especially after getting hopes up high after really great second interviews and feedback. I know this means those weren’t the jobs for me but it’s still hard.


Bills still have to be paid so I’ve been door dashing. It’s crazy how God has a way of sending us motivation at odd times. The other night I was door dashing really late and the drop off house was further than usual. I had to drive close to 15 minutes to drop-off the food. The house was in another city, which was odd for the area I was door dashing in. Well I had already picked up the food so I had no choice but drive the distance to deliver it. So as I was driving to my destination, I begin to notice I am in the middle of no where and my phone lost service. I’m on a two lane highway in what looks like the woods. I drive by a caution sign and the first thing I think is I’m the only car on this dark road after midnight with no phone service F**K THIS! I made a U turn and went back the way I came. Once I made it to a familiar street, I called the customer to make sure that was the correct way to her location. She assured me I was going the right way. She told me it was a pretty secluded area and it doesn’t receive a lot of phone service. Although I was still skeptical, I decided to take that drive back in her direction. This time I felt a little better driving down the dark road. I was so relieved once I made it to the customer! She was working the security booth in a housing community so she was right at the front gate.

While taking that car ride, I thought about my current situation. I thought about how driving in unknown territory can be scary. Most times I want to give up. Most times I turn around or stop out of fear. I get anxious thinking about all the ‘what if’s’. I may even be given warning signs telling me to approach with caution. BUT the key is to never give up. New and different opportunities most times come with anxiety and fear. Growth and change comes from getting out of my comfort zone. Being uncomfortable is necessary to get to the next level.

Right now I am driving down an unknown road in my journey but I have faith great things are coming.

Sorry guys for the late post. I’ve been dealing with alot but I couldn’t leave you guys hanging.

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!


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