Back from my Hiatus

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on my blog. Please accept my apologies for just ghosting my readers for the past few weeks. I had to take a mental break. Since I left my job I have been feeling super uninspired. I felt like the universe was rejecting me in every way possible. tenor.gifIt was alot of drama surrounding my previous place of work, I’ve been trying to sort out and disconnect from it all.

I’ve taken on some freelance clients which isn’t as fun as it seems. I had two second job interviews and didn’t get either job. One of the jobs called me to tell me they really liked me but went with a more qualified candidate and the other job just ghosted me. I reached out and never heard anything from the company. Back to square one.

I decided to take this break because I started feeling like I was just posting out of habit. I didn’t feel empowered or motivated at the time. I felt as if my writing would just be me complaining about everything that isn’t going my way. So I stepped back and reevaluated things. I had to really deep dive and find out what exactly isn’t working and why? Is the path I’m on the best route for me? If not, how do I reroute?

I wrote a blog post about the career workshops I’ve attended (Career Confident) which really helped motivate me in my job hunt and freelance career. At the workshops I met some really amazing women who have been such a blessing to me in the short amount of time we’ve known each other. Both ladies share my struggle and we’ve been lifting each other up and holding one another accountable. Our weekly check-ins have made a world of difference for me. Building new connections and forming friendship bonds are so damn important in business. I have grown to value individuals and companies who share my same life goals.

Well in the midst of these great bonds the universe hit me again with some bullshit. I have been meeting up with a few women I met at those career workshops once a week to work on projects, apply to jobs, brainstorm ideas, or just catch up. Well one week we met at a coffee shop downtown and everything went perfectly. We shared job hunting stories, talked about the struggles of dating, and even brainstormed a brunch event we want to put together. After a very productive meeting with my girls I walk outside to discover my car had been broken into. Right before rent was due at the end of August a month after leaving my job, while I am at my brokest and the most unemployed I’ve ever been. After feeling like I’ve been barely making it all month long someone decides to bust my window and break into my car. Luckily for me I have learned this lesson the hard way so I didn’t have anything valuable in my car for them to take. With the help of my dad, the situation was taken care of but needless to say I was left feeling even more defeated than before.


After the storm comes the rainbow. The month of September has been going so much better for me. I’ve felt a shift in my energy. Everything is starting to feel brighter and I’m finally feeling the storm subside. I’ve blogged about doing my own natural hair due to lack of resources ( Embracing the Coil ➿DIY Natural Aztec Healing Clay Hair MaskMy First Youtube Hair Tutorial) and circumstances but lately I’ve had a lot of people asking my braiding prices. I’ve never really taken hairstyling seriously but since I am currently unemployed with nothing but time on my hands, I’ve decided to make a price list and start taking hair clients. It is going wayyy better than I expected and I actually love doing hair!

This month, I was finally approved for unemployment so I have some funds to keep me stable for a while. Between taking digital media clients, hair clients, door dashing, growing my ‘Of the Wild’ natural lifestyle brand, reading and blogging again, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. This entrepreneur life isn’t so bad after all but it definitely has its ups and downs.

I’m excited about my future. I found a really dope company that aligns with everything I’m looking for in a work place. Their purpose, mission, and vision all match with my beliefs and things I am already doing for myself and my brand. I made it pass the third and final interview so now I’m just waiting for their final decision. I’ve met majority of their employees and I really enjoy the office culture. It was apparent to me that everyone in the company truly enjoy what they do for a living. I have a good feeling about this one.

‘Of the Wild’ is thriving. The social media presence has really grown immensely. My plants are growing more and more beautiful every day. Although I feel like I haven’t dedicated as much time to planning events as I want to, I’ve had a number of individuals & companies interested in partnering with ‘Of the Wild’. With that being said, I will be a business vendor for a community event at the end of the month!  I am building my audience while still working on planning my own events soon.

I am officially back blogging everyone!! You all can expect a blog post every Wednesday again. Again my bad for leaving you all hanging but I’M BACK!

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!



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