Grinding All My Life

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I know, I know the post is super late today but I am still on cloud 9 thinking about how amazing this week has been.


The #CommunityPortraitPopUp event I was apart of on Saturday went better than I could have ever expected. I’m super proud about how far my vision for Of the Wild has come in less than a year. I am more than confident it will go beyond my wildest dreams. I sold almost all my plants and I had customers ask do I have a store? Not yet but one day. After I moving into my first place in Berkeley, I started collecting plants and I would always think “Where are the black owned plant nurseries? Where are the black owned thrift stores? Where are the black owned apothecaries?”💡My goal is to build a natural lifestyle brand housing not only plants but thrifted clothing, natural hair and natural skincare products. During the #CommunityPortraitPopUp my boyfriend turned to me and said “wow you’re doing exactly what you said you were going to do. You are supplying people with plants” 😊 #Proud .
P.S. remember this post when I make all this a reality.

Something else I am super excited about is  my first day of work. I had a really smooth first day, everything went awesome. I love my new role, the atmosphere is very inviting, spacious, with lots of green plants and smiling faces. This company has so many perks! It honestly feels like a breath of fresh air working in a healthy environment. I am excited about the future and what’s to come.

In honor of my first day of work I wanted to leave you guys with a link to a really dope article filled with workplace affirmations:

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!


One thought on “Grinding All My Life

  1. It’s been awhile, love. You never seem to stop amazing me with all your endeavors. The photo was amazing along with the back drop into your amazing week and being on cloud nine from all the excitement. Look forward to reading tomorrow. Still reading when, time allows for me to catch up. Keep being amazing…..


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