Chaos Since I’ve Been Away

Hi everyone!

Long time no talk. I haven’t posted a blog since January. Shit got real, fast.

My super awesome job that I started at the end of last year took a turn for the worse.  I wasn’t properly trained or on-boarded as a new hire but for some reason I was left to deal with majority of the work.  I was at the company for less than 6 months and my boss decided it made sense to leave me to represent the company while everyone else took vacations or “worked at home” (even though the company had no real system set up to support employees working from home). The company lacked communication and structure so as a new hire it was very difficult to understand what was happening on a day to day basis. After working me into the ground the company decided that maybe I wasn’t right for the position. My last day was February 7th. In conclusion, a lot of non profits are pure trash. So far all the non profits I’ve worked for hire “assistants” or “entry level” positions, expect you to come in with years of experience, give you double the work for your pay grade, with no real room for growth. My bad I just needed a minute to vent.

But any who, I’m back to working for myself. I’ve been working as a natural hairstylist, freelancing, growing my online presence and exploring employment options at other companies.


In the midst of working to get things back on course this Corona virus has completely turned the world upside down. People are panicking and the economy is very up in the air right now.

Good thing I’m used to living in limbo right?

The whole country right now is in a state of emergency. The state of California has called for a locked down quarantine situation. All bars, restaurants, gyms, and large events have been shut down until further notice. The news has some new scary message everyday. Most people are being forced to work from home.

As a full-time creative entrepreneur right now, my head is telling me to hustle and keep going. Stay ambitious, stay motivated, and continue to make money any way I know how.

I’ve been doing more and more hair these days which is a blessing. I’ve been working on developing content and thinking of more ways to drive revenue from home. The good thing about my old job is I learned how to moderate webinars so maybe I’ll develop online events for my virtual community during this lockdown.

In times like these it’s best to stay positive, relax and get creative. The upside is freelancing and entrepreneurship teaches you how to get up and go get it. There’s no waiting for a handout. Panicking and sulking in fear isn’t going to get anything solved.

In a perfect world, the country will freeze rent and mortgage payments, cancel student loan debt and other bills during this state of emergency. Reality is we live in a capitalist society. The main concern will always be money. The hungry, sick and misfortunate has never been the priority. If that was the case we would’ve received universal health care and the country would have been more prepared for this kind of pandemic.


Yes this country is trash. It’s been trash since our ancestors were dragged here in slave ships. If our ancestors didn’t whine and feel sorry for themselves neither should we. In this time of chaos we will make sure we take care of ourselves, that includes our hygiene, our mental and physical health, our finances, and our loved ones. This is the best time for us to work on our crafts, hobbies, passion projects, and basic life skills.

“Being an entrepreneur means you are your biggest and sometime only cheerleader” 

Working for yourself is dealing with the fact that 90% of the time no one fully understands all the work you put in… oh well. Keep going! Productivity is subjective. We all have different meanings of what it looks like to us.

Rest as needed, create a schedule, remember to workout because quarantine weight gain is real. If you’re anything like me it’s easy to sleep a day away, eat snacks, and binge watch your favorite shows. Let’s not get too caught up and make a promise to set schedules for productivity. Try to keep a level head and don’t let the news drown you with fear. Don’t be afraid to try new things, pick up new interests and hobbies. Everything doesn’t have to pay off in dollars and cents. Sometimes the pay off is internal.

God has a funny way of sitting us down and forcing us to rest. This is our chance to rest, reset and come back stronger. The growth that comes from the chaos is always beautiful.

Thank you to those who still visited, read, and supported my blog during my hiatus.

Stay safe and wash your hands.

We’ll talk more Wednesday!


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