Praise Report πŸŽ‰


I left my job 2 weeks ago with no other job lined up. Everytime someone asked what was my plan I kept saying I have faith something will come through. The right position for me will come.

I had 2 interviews for a law firm this week and the HR Director was so rude and condescending that I really was hurt that someone would even invite me to an interview to treat me like that. But soon as the interview was over I just kept applying to jobs.

I applied to be an Admin Assistant for a PR firm with the intentions of working my way up. Well after reading my resume, they called and asked to interview me for a PR Assistant position instead. I was sooo excited thinking thats the position I wanted anyway. After meeting with the VP yesterday, they sent me an offer letter to be an Account Coordinator!!!! This position is not only work from home but it is a bigger salary and benefit package than all the other companies!!!

October makes 2 years ago that I moved to LA to work in PR. I worked as an unpaid intern for 6 months, I worked in retail and at a call center. I caught covid twice and no one really understood my reason or vision for moving here. I’ve been struggling but I’m so happy I never gave up!!!

God is too great !!!! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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