One Year Blogiversary

Happy Wednesday people!!!

This week, Friday to be exact marks ONE YEAR for

You guys have been rocking with me and reading my long ass dramatic ass posts for 365 days and I just wanna say thaankkk youuuu!


This week I am busy preparing for our Claim Your Crown Fest Launch Party in Oakland this Sunday! So if you are in the Bay Area stop by and party with us!

In honor of my BLOGIVERSARY lets take a walk down memory lane shall we…


My first post ever the first step was written while I was working at the Law Firm yearning for something more creative. This blog was created out of pure frustration. I was soooo tired of begging for someone in the Public Relations, creative marketing and fashion industry to give me a chance. Professionally I always feel like I keep running into a road block. I find jobs I like then boom something happens and I am right back at square one or I find jobs that are just good enough for right now. I know I am still young and I cannot rush this step in my journey but damn bro I’m tired.

“Create what you want to be apart of” – Naresha Willis

After dealing with constant professional let downs, I finally decided I can either keep complaining or I can channel all this energy into something productive. I tried to talk myself out of creating this blog for weeks.

“I don’t have any time”

“I don’t have any content”

”I don’t have enough money to be a blogger”

“I haven’t done a photo shoot in months”

“I don’t know where to start”

”I don’t have enough online followers”

“No one is going to read it”

At the time I didn’t know anybody personally who had their own blog. I had no idea where to start. One of my coworkers suggested I try out Wix but after my free trial was up I realized I wasn’t really interested. At the time I was living with my grandmother who has no computer and I didn’t have a lap top yet. I would stay after work and use my computer at work to write out my blogs. I am so vein about my work so I obsessed over every sentence wanting it to be perfect once I published it. After doing my research and trying out different website companies, I chose to go with WordPress. I really liked the blog community aspect, it was easy to find other bloggers and follow other pages I liked.

After the first few posts I realized I needed to get a little more consistent and organized with my content so I designated Wednesday’s as my blog day. All my blog posts are posted on Wednesday’s. I don’t have a set time but I try to do it early in the day, shit gets hectic though so bare with me.

One year in and life looks completely different than it did when I first start writing.

In this past year I’ve:

Moved in my own place The Honeycomb Hideaway

Had two new jobs Can’t Believe We Made It / The Journey

Done a little travelling The Main Event / Camp In My Feelings

Celebrated a birthday Go Shawty, It’s Ya Birthday

Celebrated an anniversary My Aries Lover

Collaborated with a few businesses A Black Vogue Valentine , Moroccan TansyCollab with SemiYours , Happy Zaddy’s Day , Unboxing: The BLACKlist

Read some books Book Review: Dreamcatcher Boy by Donovan James , Book Review: Butterfly by Melaysia Sekai , Book Review: What Was I Thinking? by Camille Moore

Highlighted some dope artists Artsy Couple Tings , Featuring Mecca Media , Featuring Layla the Lawyer , Happy 1 Year Black Vogue #TheFightForBlackVogue

Started a new business venture Naturals Know How To Party

& everything else in between!

I’ve also done something I’ve never done before which is share my writing with the world. Thanks to this blog there are people in countries all over the globe reading my creative writing. I am so honored and excited to see what this next year will bring! I heal and work through my traumas through my writing and I am excited to share my journey. Transparency can be scary especially on the internet because there are so many negative trolls BUT I rather focus on the positive and think about the lives I have touched through my writing.

God has blessed me with a gift and it would be selfish for me to keep it to myself out of fear. Imagine all of the amazing individuals who decided to just go for it and not let fear of the unknown stop them. I would rather try something a fail than not do it and be left thinking what could’ve been.

“If you want to be successful, be consistent.”

Well guess what… cheers to one year of consistent blog writing, working, learning, healing, and growing. I look forward to what the next year will bring!

Thanks for reading & we’ll talk more next week!


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